Helen, Georgia

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” – Ibn

I had the privilege of going on a mini vacation with some friends to Helen, Georgia. It was a wonderful time with old and new friends! All the details of the trip are below for you!


Travel day! Our checkin was for 4pm and we had the whole day to make our way to the cabin. On our way, we passed by a Buc-ee’s…everyone knows you, you do not passed by a Buc-ee”s without stopping. Can I share a secret with ya’ll since we are besties? I have never been to Buc-ee’s It was amazing! They have everything you could ever imagine; clothes, food, coffee, house decor, and so much more!

We made it to the cabin around 4pm. Our cabin was so adorable! It was a two bedroom, two bathroom Cabin. My favorite part of the cabin was the front porch that had a swing! Ended a perfect evening with a game night where we played five crowns.


Exploring day! We started our day with the most important thing…coffee! We found this coffee shop called Yonah. It was my favorite coffee shop in Helen, Georgia. After breakfast, we made our way to Cool River Tubing to go tubing down the Chattahoochee River. I have not laughed so hard as I did on the tubing trip. Tubing was a lot of fun and you make many friends!

In the afternoon, we cleaned up from tubing and went to a neighboring town to Helen, Ga to check on the little shops there. Of course we had to get more coffee, we found a cute coffee shop. We went to a music store, antique store, a pet store, and a general store. It was a wonderful afternoon.

In the afternoon, we cleaned up from tubing and went to a neighboring town to Helen, Ga to check on the little shops there. Of course we had to get more coffee, we found a cute coffee shop. We went to a music store, antique store, a pet store, and a general store. It was a wonderful afternoon.


We started our day with breakfast at Hoffer’s of Helen. It was the cutest bakery every! The food was amazing! The apple strudels were to die for!! After breakfast, we explored Helen. We went to almost every store; from T-shirt stores, to glass blowing stores, to clock stores, to a toy store.

Once we finished exploring the little different shops; we decided to go hiking. We went to Anna Ruby Falls. The waterfall hiking trail is family friendly and pet friendly. It is about a half a mile up to the falls and it is so beautiful when you reach the top. At the waterfall, it is so beautiful and peaceful! If this is something you are interested in, it is $5 a person to go to the park.

For dinner, we visited Hofbrauhaus. It’s right by the Chattanooga River and on Thursday nights they have live music. The food was authentic German food which was so good!
Our time in Helen, Georgia was a wonderful time and I cannot wait to go again! I miss the mountains so much! If you are planning a trip to Helen, Georgia then I hope this give you some pointers on how to plan your trip! You can check out my Instagram to see our whole adventure! Until next time!

When others told me I couldn’t…God said I could!

Guys!!! I GRADUATED!!!!!! I cannot believe that it has been a month since I walked across that stage and my family and friends gathered around me to celebrate. It has been a month since I was handed my diploma from dad (Dr. Costin). It has been a month since I was reminded that even when others told me I couldn’t…God said I could!!

I remember my freshman year when I walked in a class to take a test. My professor told me, I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t make it, and I should just give up. I remembered feeling like my whole house of cards had come tumbling down. I questioned everything. Do I have what it takes to be in college? Do I have what it takes to be a music therapist? Should I just switch to a communication major? Should I just drop out of school and move to Africa to live on an elephant farm?

I remembered talking to my Dad; he reminded me that if Music Therapy was what God had called me to do, it would happen. He reminded me to let go and let God. I worked hard that year and I passed the class with an A. When others told me, I couldn’t…God said I could.

Let’s skip to junior year…as many of y’all know, my junior year of college was the worst year of my life!! I had a friend passed away from suicide three weeks before finals. You can read about my journey to healing in (Gone to Soon link). I remember that was the day that everything change. I was broken, I was hurting, and I was lost. I remembered questioning everything…if I couldn’t help my friend then how do I expect to help others going through similar things? I remembered being so lost and seriously thought about dropping out of school and staying in California where I was working as a summer missionary. My pastor, my church, and my family reminded me to trust God. If I’m supposed to be a music therapist then it will happen. I needed to let go and let God.

During my super senior year…I had a really good friend (or what I thought was a really good friend) let her insecurities get in the way and we had to end our friendship. That was one of the most painful things I had to do because she was amazing and I wish she could just see that!! In the process of ending our friendship, she told me, I was a horrible music therapist and I would never make it. I remembered her telling me, “if you can’t be there for your friends and be a good friend…how do you expect to help people you don’t know?” I remembered questioning everything! I went back through a whole list of questions that I had asked just four years prior. I was reminded during this time to let go and let God. I let this season of being in God’s word to be a time of encouragement. During this time I learned if God wants it…doors will be open!! So I let go and let God! When others said I couldn’t…God said I could.

I remembered being rejected from 10 different internship sites in the course of a year and a half. Talk about thinking I should have really became a communication major!!! I remembered crying my heart out to the Lord…thinking he had forgotten about me. I remembered telling my parents that I’m their loser child. I started believing the lies my freshman professor told me, I believed that I really wasn’t qualified to help others, I believed the lies my friend told me, I believed everything! I WAS NOT SUPPOSES TO DO THIS!!
I remembered telling myself I should have just switched my major to communication during my freshman year. I told myself that I should just drop out of should and just call it quits.

BUT!!! When others told me I couldn’t…God said I could!! When I was going through every single one of these rocky roads…I couldn’t see what Gos was doing. He put my best friend in the same class as me. We met on the first day of classes and have been best friends since. God has opened doors for me to share my story and bring awareness to mental health since my friend passed away. I got my internship at the perfect time!! If I had started it the year before I may not have been able to finish it with the global pandemic going on. The friends I have made here in Tallahassee…wouldn’t be my friends because a year ago they would still have been in highschool and not going to FSU.

I know I know! I have talked long enough about my journey but I want to encourage you. Even when you feel like you’re all alone, that God doesn’t care and he’s not listening to you. I want you to know that He is working with a way bigger picture than we could ever imagine. It is not easy to let go and let the God! Many times I wanted to just do it my way. I am blown away by how great and awesome God really is!! So don’t give up hope my friend! When others tell you can’t…God says you can!

As Heather Way was called, and as I walked across the stage…I was reminded how truly amazing God is! It might have taken me six years to get to this point, but it was so worth it!
Don’t give up my friend! Let go and let God!!

Hey It’s Heather Wayyyyy!

Hey ya’ll! There are a lot of new faces around here and I wanted to introduce myself! My name is Heather Way! I just graduated from Charleston Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy! It still blows my mind away that I have graduated! It feels like a dream! I have been waiting so long for that day to walk across that stage. The journey was so long and it felt like I would never make it! Let me tell you this…we serve an amazing God, who can make all things happen!!

I am a country girl at heart! I love being in the country on a tractor! I might be living in the city right now but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Give me a cute pair of cowgirl boots and I have all the confidence I need!

Oh I got to tell you about my baby!!! He is my favorite little guy and the cutest little cat you will ever see! His name is Huey and he is almost two years old. He loves exploring, being outside, long naps in the afternoon, and sweet kitten cuddles and kisses! He is a spoil rotten cat but he has my heart forever! I love being a cat mom!

I love to go on adventures, spend time outdoors, go to the beach, spend time with friends, and etc. I love to read and do crafts in my spare time (which I hardly have). I love worshipping with my church family here in Tallahassee, Florida! The church here has poured into me so much and has made the transition moving here easier! My friends tell me all the time that I have a personality of a Gieco! To be honest they are not wrong!! I love a good cup of coffee. Learning how to make a good cup of coffee is sometimes even better than drinking coffee.

I cannot wait to share my journey and my crazy adventures with ya’ll! Thank you for all the support and encouragement you have given me so far! I feel like we are already besties!! I am always here for ya’ll if you ever need anything…I am praying for ya’ll and I would love to hear your story!! Comment your story below!!

Gone To Soon…

“Like a shooting start, flying across the room, so fast so far, you were gone to soon, you’re a part of me, and I will never be the same here without you, you were gone to soon”. The chorus of this Simple Plan song explains everything in how I am feeling tonight. You’re gone to soon. You had so much to look forward to….you had many adventures to go on…you were supposed to be there for us…but just in a blink of an eye you were taken from us. As I sit here in my bed in the dark hours of the night typing these words I remember you.

I remember the first time I met you! I was so nervous to meet you but excited all at the same time. I met you on December 10, 2016. You bought pizza for everyone and we all watched the Broncos game. I remember how you took in 15 college students every Saturday night. I will never forget those nights, where you would cook us spaghetti, watch a movie and the rock band tournaments. I will never forget the time that I actually pulled off your surprise party and you had no idea that I was planning it!!! (I still find it amazing that I pulled that off) 😁 Or the time that I got soaked from the rain and you let me borrow a pair of sweatpants…..then you called me a hobbit because I complained that they were way to long😂

I will never forget the way you look when you were up to something. Or the times you looked after me and provided for me when money was tight at home. But most of all I will never forget how you always supported my dreams! You sacrificed your time to drive two hours just to hear me speak about my upcoming mission trip. I can just see the smile on your face now as you were so proud of me!

But I also remember the bad… I remember the times you struggle to keep a smile on your face. I remember the times I thought you were not going to make it. I remember the phone call from my sister saying we have to go check on you. I remember the dark times. I will always remember our last conversation and how you thought I betrayed you. I will always remember when my parents called me saying they were doing some shopping two and a half hours away from home. I will always remember seeing my parents get out of their car behind the science building to tell me that you were gone. I will always remember that day!

Just like the song says, “ you were gone to soon”. I miss you and I miss the adventures we used to have. I now have to hold on to the memories of the good times. You see my sweet friends….my friend like many others struggled with depression. My friend who was a father, a brother, a son, a college dad, a mentor, and a friend, struggled with dark thoughts that hung over him like a dark cloud. He would have good days and then he would have bad days. That dark cloud followed him wherever he went….it never left his side even if he moved to a different state it still followed him. Like many others, the dark cloud got so unbearable that my friend did not to see a way out of it….to the point where he decided to take his own life.

According to the CDC

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the USA.
  • In a year, Depression affects 20-25% of Americans ages 18 and older.
  • Approximately 130 Americans died by suicide every day.
  • In the USA, every 11 minutes 1 person dies by suicide.
  • Every year, suicide takes the lives of over 48,500 in the USA.
  • There is one suicide to every 25 suicide attempts.

Suicide is a really real thing! We have seen the statistics…approximately 48,500 Americans pass away by suicide every year. They leave love ones behind picking up the pieces. Asking questions if there was something they could do better. I know I still have days where I question myself. Could I have done something better? Could I have done something to keep you alive?

But we cannot forget the ones who have survived! You are not alone! You have people who love you and care for you. If you ever need someone to talk to, to be there, or whatever you need…I am here for you. Send me a text, Snapchat, message, etc….and I will help you the best I can! Also the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is a safe place to go too. They have workers, who can help you get the help you need or just listen. Their number is (800)-273-8255. You are loved and you are worthy! It is never to late to get the help you need!

I want to close with the chorus from Patrick Droney song, “Glitter” which states, “See grief, it’s just like glitter, It’s hard to brush away, bright light and it still shimmers. Llke it was yesterday, and it falls like confetti. All of the memories, explode like a hand grenade, and it’s sweet and it’s bitter. Grief, it’s like glitter. Oh, what a mess it makes. What a mess it makes.”

It still does not feel that it has been four years ago…since I last saw you, since I last heard your voice, since I last got pranked by you. I miss you and I wish things had turned out differently. Today I am not only missing you but I am also remembering all the memories we shared! You were gone too soon…

Nyssa and I living the Life 🌱🪴🌿

Oh Hey! I did not see you there….Nyssa and I are enjoying this warm weather we are having. ☀️ I love avocados so much! It all started when I was a summer missionary at Lake Tahoe, five years go. I fell in love with avocados and Lake Tahoe.

As you know, at the beginning of 2020 I started growing an avocado tree, named Nyssa. (If you want to hear the full story on how he came to be check out my blog post “My Little Avocado”). Nyssa is now one foot and 2 inches tall and is going through a growing spell. My first couple of weeks when I moved here to Tallahassee, I started noticing that he was losing his leaves. I would call my mom every day to express my concern that Nyssa could not handle the move and that I thought he was not going to make it. Then I discovered that he was just going through a growing season.

With Nyssa in the growing season, I realized that I too was going through something similar. I was in a growing season in my life also by moving to Tallahassee. When I first got here it was just me and my sweet little avocado tree ready to take on the world. We had to trust that this was God’s plan. I was terrified to be living by myself, knowing no one, and a new area.

New beginnings sometimes are very pretty and sometimes they are messy. Let me tell you my new beginning was very messy at first. At the beginning, I was crying myself to sleep every night, questioning God why he made me leave everything behind, and struggling with feeling so alone. During this time I was super depressed that I hardly ate, and it took everything to get out of bed in the mornings. During this time, I turned to God by spending time in his word and spending time with Him. God showed me that I was not alone in this season of new beginnings, that he was right beside me every single step. Since then He has blown me away by all the new beginnings during my growing season. I started my internship and I am loving it so much! (I will have a post coming about how my internship is going).

I found a new church which is pouring into me and giving me opportunity to serve. I have made new friends, who I will cherish for forever. I have been on some amazing adventures that I will never forget! My growing season started off messy just like Nyssa losing his leaves; and I am going to be real with ya’ll, he look prettied ugly. There were days I did not think Nyssa and I were going to make it. So I would give him water, fresh dirt, a different pot, and nutrients to grow. God was doing the same thing in my life. God gave me a will to survive, the energy to get out of bed, and placing people in my path who are pouring in to me to help me grow. Everyday I am reminded that I am not alone and that God is right beside me every step of the way.

So my sweet friend, if you are going through a new beginning , a new season of life or you feel all alone know that you are not alone…we serve an amazing God who is with you every step of the way. He loves you so much and he will not let you fail. He made me leave everything behind and literally have no one for me to see that I am not alone. I was so weak and did not think I could make it because I was losing hope…that is when I turned to God for strength. I am still growing, my sweet friend, and I still have days where it is hard to get out of bed sometimes. Those are the days I cling to him because I know with him I will have the strength to do anything. This is not easy and I am not an expert at going to God. It takes time and baby steps.

Use this time of new beginning to be a time of renewal, a time of growth, and time of change. It might look messy…it might look pretty. Sometimes it’s during the messy and ugly when you experience true growth. Don’t give up! This season of growth is a precious time! Will you allow God to pour into you this season?

Wow, what a weekend!!

Wow! What an incredible weekend this was! I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to serve this weekend in Dnow! I cannot expressed how thankful I am for Pastor Josh, who asked me if I would be willing to serve! I had the opportunity to work with the middle school girls for small group and be one of the three recreational leaders for our team. This weekend has been exhausting but so worth it! I have loved getting to know these kids and seeing them grow in Christ. This year’s theme was Alive and Free. Let me just tell you that even though I was a leader, I was challenged and had light bulb moments. Here are a few memories from this weekend!

I had the privilege to be one of the three recreational leaders for these groups of kids! I have to say they were one of the best groups I have every worked with! They poured into me just as much as I poured into them! We were the Purple Pahe (which means sharks). We did not win the competition but we did give it our everything! I am so proud of these guys…they never stopped giving a hundred and twenty percent! One of my favorite memories from recreation was how well my team handled the competition and encourage one another. At the beginning of the day, we talked about what is the real purpose we are out here. We are out here to win of course, BUT we are also out here to give God the glory!! Through out the tournament, my kids never complained about losing, or that someone was cheating, or that it was not fair. Instead my kids were working together, encouraging one another, giving it their all! I am so proud of them! The way they never gave up was so encouraging. I am so grateful for everything they have taught me this weekend!

Worship was amazing! Like I said up above our theme this year was Alive and Free. We were studying in the book of James this weekend. In our small groups we learned that we need to be hearers and doers of the word. If I tell my dog Sparky I love him everyday but then I kick him…what is Sparky going to believe? What I said or what I did. The same goes for us…if we say we love God then we live like the world. What is the world going to believe, what we said or what we did?

We also learned that our tongue is the most powerful muscle in our body. Our tongue can be used for good or it can be used for evil. We have the choice on how we used it. I gave this example of how powerful our words are to my small group. If I got a tube of toothpaste and squeezed all the toothpaste out. Then I handed you the tube of toothpaste, told you to put all the toothpaste back in. Can you get all the toothpaste back in the tube? The answer is no of course not!! The same thing goes for our words…once we say something we can never get it fully back. As I prepared and taught this small group I was challenged…if you know me, I love the T (gossip). My motto is the sweater the T the better. But over the course of preparing I learned that I have a problem of gossiping. I told my girls in my small group that I struggle with gossiping and that I want to get better. This weekend has challenged me.

Sunday Pastor Josh preached on the woman who washed Jesus’ feet. As he was preaching the light build moment went off. This whole weekend made sense! As I am sitting there listening I realized that I do not want to be the Pharisee who had Jesus over to his house. I do not want to be so comfortable with Jesus that I miss how great and powerful he is. The woman who washed Jesus’ feet knew how powerful Jesus was. I do not want to go back to where I was before this weekend!

This weekend was truly amazing and a wake up call! I do not want to just be a hearer or just be a doer. I want to be a follower of Christ who is actively pursuing after Him. I am so grateful for the team that I got to serve along with this weekend! They poured into these kids and were always willing to serve! I loved getting to know them and growing with them! I am so thankful for Pastor Josh, who lead, challenge, and encouraged us this weekend! This is truly one weekend I will never forget!

News from Tallahassee!

Time really flies when you are having fun! I cannot believe that it has already been a month. Thank you for all the love, encouragement, and support! I honestly could not have made it through this transition with out you guys! Thank you guys for the phone calls, the sweet letters and care packages! You guys are awesome and I love you ! 💛💛💛

I am settling in to my new home quit well. It has been a huge change to living on my own but I am getting used to it. Since I am so busy with my internship, I do not have time for pets even though I would love to have my little boy Huey here with me. So thankful for my momma who sends me pictures of him almost every day! Look how big he is getting!! Let’s get back on track (I have had to many cups of coffee today) I have become a crazy plant lady. I have a little garden started and it has brighten up the apartment. My neighbors are nice! I cannot wait to get to know them better!

It all still feels like a dream! I was so nervous when I started my internship…it was all so unknown and scary. But we serve an amazing God who brought people into my life, who have truly been a blessing. My co-intern has been wonderful! Since day one he brought me out of my shell. We are like siblings who constantly have sibling rivalry. My favorite adventure right now was the Pen’s funeral. We were in the office doing paperwork, when I hear a POP.

My co-intern broke his pen!! You want to know what this little stinker did next? He blamed me… we go back and forth on who really broke the pen, which causes my supervisor to start laughing at us. She states that she is glad that we grew up with siblings and how she loves our dynamic. I cannot wait for more adventures, co-leading and working together with my co-intern!!!

After months of praying, searching, emailing, and watching Facebook videos. I believe I have found a church home during my time here in Tallahassee. They welcomed me and made me feel at home. They are doctrine sound. I had dinner with a really sweet family from the church this pass week and it was one of the best times I have had! From the moment I walked in I felt loved and like we had known each other forever. I have not laughed so hard in a long time than I did that night! Their children were so sweet and funny! I am so grateful for the people that God is bringing into my life!

It’s truly amazing how God works! I was so scared to leave my life and my comfort zone but I trusted God! I am so grateful for all of you who have prayed for me and encouraged me!

Pray that I will find a part-time job…I have been applying for jobs in the area but so far I have had no leads yet. Pray for friendships…I miss having a community of friends for coffee dates, Jesus times, and going on crazy adventures with.

Thank you so much for all the support! I love you guys and I am so grateful for you! Keep being awesome!!

How can you help!

Wow what a crazy week!! We have had Christmas, moved two states away, a new year, and learned to live on my own. It’s crazy to believe that my new adventure has already started!! I have been on an emotional roller coaster from laughing one minute to crying one minute, to saying I’m okay, to about to pack my bags and go home.

With the help of my parents, I have gotten settled in to my apartment. My new little apartment is so adorable! I’m not going to lie when we first drove up, all the feels hit me at once. I got really overwhelmed because this was really happening. Now that I am settled in it’s feeling a little more homely and I’m liking it.

Many of you have reached out and said that you’re praying for, supporting me, and encouraging me!! You have no idea how much that means to me to have such a great support group! Thank you guys for being awesome! Sorry I have been MIA this week and a half, I have been try adjust to living on my own and in a new town. But thank you for all the love that y’all have send. Several of you guys have asked how can you help during these next few months…here is what you can do to help!


I have been waiting for this internship for a year and a half…so to be here is truly is a testament of how amazing God is!! I couldn’t have the strength to move 5 1/2 hours away from everyone I love if I didn’t trust and know this is God. Which you can read about my journey to Tallahassee in my most recent blog post “When Following God Requires Sacrifice”. Praying for me would be huge!!! I will also keep you guys update on prayer request that I might have through out my time here.


So having the support really means a lot!! I am not talking about keeping me up kind of support. Knowing that you guys are there for me cheering me on means the world to me! Several of you have asked if I need anything for the apartment or for the internship…Here are a few ideas on how you can help!!

  • Airbnb Giftcards
  • Food Giftcards
  • Walmart & Target Giftcards
  • Gas Giftcards


Having you guys praying for me, supporting me has really meant a lot! The encouragement that I ha e received these last two weeks has really meant the world to me! Telling me that you guys are praying for me, I got this, safe travels, you’re here for me, and I can go on! Knowing that I have a cheer sections cheering me own has mean so much to me! Thank you guys for the cards, the text, and the phone calls! Many of you have asked for my address to send cards and my address is listed below.

Letters ✉️ PO Box 20623 Tallahassee, Florida 32304

Packages 📦 2020 W Pensacola Street STE 100 Box 20623 Tallahassee, Florida 32304

I just want to say thank you so so much again!! You guys are awesome and mean so much to me! Thank you for reaching out, encouraging and praying for me!!! I love you guys 💛💛 keep being awesome!!

New Beginnings!

Hey Guys! I hope you are having a wonderful chilly morning! Are you enjoying the weather we are having? I am loving this weather. It is 45 degrees and sunny ☀️ perfect coffee and sweater weather!

I can not believe December is here…like where has time gone?? Christmas will be here before we know it.

As I am drinking my morning coffee, I notice how big my avacado plant, Nyssa, is getting! My sweet little plant went from just a pit, to a steam with roots, to now a true plant. He is now 16 inches tall with 11 leaves….He is growing so fast! I still remember when I named my sweet little plant Nyssa, which means new beginnings.

Talking about new beginnings, I am happy to say that I am about to start a new adventure! After a year and a half of praying and applying for internships…God answered Prayers!! I have been accepted into an internship in Tallahassee, Florida! I will be moving at the end of December to complete my, six months, Music Therapy Internship. I will be working along side a great group of staff, who will help me to become a Music Therapist.

God’s timing is always perfect and I cant wait for this new adventure! The journey here has not been easy but I would not change it for the world! So don’t give up on God if you are in the waiting season. I know its hard and you just want to throw in the towel. Ive been there…my poor mom listened to me as I cried about being a loser for God, I’m not good enough, and I’m done. The waiting season is hard but it can be a wonderful learning season too. God’s timing is always perfect! I have learned so much through this journey and I will always be grateful to God for the waiting season.

Every time I look at my sweet Nyssa, I will be reminded how awesome God is and his timing! I am excited for my new beginning!! Tallahassee…Heather Way is on her way!

When Life is not Rainbows

This week has been one of my toughest week…I’m not going to lie. I wish I can say it was amazing, rainbows and butterflies, but I can’t say that. At the beginning of the week I lost a dear friend. She was my roommate’s mother from college. I have grown close to her mom during the years of college. I was just texting her mom on Friday then on Sunday she was gone.

When I got the news on Monday morning that my dear friend had passed. I was shocked! I remember thinking, “what do you mean she is gone? I just talked to her!” I remember being shocked, confused, hurt, angry, sad, and everything in between.

This week has not been rainbows and butterflies but instead it’s been dark. I have sat on my bed, cried a lot, and been depressed. One night as I was sitting on my bed, I was reminded of a verse from Proverbs. Proverbs 27:1 states, “do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day might bring”. We are not guaranteed tomorrow and we never know what the next day holds.

I learned this week that life is changing. I learned that life is not always rainbows! That it’s okay to be sad, to cry to have emotions, to take time to process grief. I learned this week to never take a moment for granted. To tell your love ones that you love them. My poor momma probably is so annoyed with me because I have called her so much this week! If you think of someone then text them. If you want to send someone a note then send them a note. Don’t uses excuses that I have used, “I’m too busy, I’ll do it later, I’ll do it when I get home, I’ll see them later so I’ll wait”. Because just like the Proverbs says….we don’t know what the day may bring.

So sometimes our tomorrow is shocking, life changing, beautiful, and awesome. My week was depressing, shocking and everything in between. It was not rainbows and butterflies but a lot of crying and sitting on my bed. Just remember that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. So let’s hug our loved ones, let’s not ignore phone calls, let’s not put off texting someone. Who do you need to call or text right now?